Mark Baker

Dr. Mark Baker
The healing source of life energy

The healing source of life energy

The need for more energy to be able to complete expectations yesterday defines our lifestyles.  It is a consumer lifestyle that consumes us and leaves us stressed, time pressured and dis-eased. Yet if you are still and become aware of the objective world that is constantly changing and growing and yet at ease. How have we become separate from this process of Being? How can we connect with this healing source of life energy? We will explore these questions and develop your ability to connect with our renewable source of energy – Being.

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Dr. Mark Baker: More than 40 years of experience in helping individuals and groups enhance their performance through developing their potential.  Twenty years of international experience in bringing this human behavior expertise to the development and presentation of MBA management and leadership courses at the Professional School of Business and Technology at Kempten Germany, and in leadership, management and team trainings and coaching for multi-internationals in Europe, Asia and North America.