Michel Gagne

Michel Gagne
Breathing to Improve Your Performance

Breathing to Improve Your Performance, The Joy of Stress

The way you breathe has a lot to do with your athletic performance as well as your quality of life. Breathing powerfully affects every system in your body (cardiovascular, nervous, endocrine, lymph, immune, digestive, and of course, respiratory).

Breathing properly can decrease the impact of stress and muscle tension; calm your nerves; sharpen your focus; minimize negative and distracting thoughts; reduce fatigue; and promote stamina. Unfortunately, proper breathing is often an overlooked component of sports training.

If you watch a baby breathe, you will see the infant’s belly rise and fall with each breath. Most probably stopped breathing this way long ago. Our cultural upbringing, suck in that gut, and the development of bad habits have resulted in shallow breathing or chest breathing. Compared to diaphragmatic breathing or belly breathing, chest-breathing results in increased heart and breathing rates. Shallow breathing can make your neck and shoulder muscles tense and activate your body’s stress response.

The good news is that with a little training, you can relearn, a simple way of breathing that can transform your health and athletic performance and learn the Joy of Stress.

Slow, rhythmic diaphragmatic breathing gives you a feeling of relaxed energy. During times of stress, like before the start of a race, notice any tension in your shoulders, neck, or jaw. After the race or anytime you would like to reduce tension and stress and enter into a calmer state of mind and body, shift into slow, abdominal breathing for a minute or two. Eventually, breathing with your diaphragm instead of your chest will become natural.


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Michel Gagne ist einer der führenden Sportmentaltrainer der Welt und Coach für Spitzenleistungen in allen Bereichen des Lebens. Er lebt und arbeitet in Kanada und Malaysia und hat über 40 Jahren nicht nur mehrere Tausend Coaches ausgebildet, sondern auch zahlreiche Sportler zu olympischen Medaillen geführt. Er ist einer der erfahrendsten Trainer für Atemarbeit, die über das allgemein Bekannte weit hinausgeht.